2010 Season of Shows at the Barrow-Civic Theatre

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two shows - Two Calls for Interested actors and "voices."

BCT has two shows coming up requiring actors and interested persons to perform.

Old Time Radio Show presents War of the Worlds
Come one, come all to lend your voices to the next Old Time Radio show at the Little Theatre Oct 31 at 8pm and Nov 1 at 4pm.  We are recreating Meridian 7-1212 from the Columbia Radio Workshop - what kind of people call the "time service?" We are also recreating the original Mercury Theatre War of the Worlds broadcast.
The "voices" meeting is Monday at 7pm at the theatre - we will be assigning roles and parts - all voices are need, women and men. No memorization is required as we perform at mic with scripts - along with amazing sound effects by Ed Ramage. No previous experience in acting or on stage is needed - just the ability to talk!

Rehearsals Tue-Thu at the Little Theatre next week. Please join us - if you can't make Monday and want to participate - let me know via email and I'll put you on the list for parts. The radio shows are extremely fun and have been drawing great crowds.

October 24 ~ 10am-12pm & October 25 ~ 2pm-4pm Barrow Little Theatre. Directed by Zach Covington

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the choir who has never performed the work at the Barrow should prepare the first 30 measures on your voice part of the “Hallelujah Chorus”, No.44. Those interested in performing a solo should also plan to audition. Please prepare one of the recitatives from the work to use as your audition piece. Performance date is December 18.

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