2010 Season of Shows at the Barrow-Civic Theatre

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BLACK TIE BARROW set to dazzle Franklin!!

Don’t miss the “Black Tie Barrow”, a special gala performance at the Barrow-Civic Theatre celebrating 50 years of groundbreaking local theatre by the Franklin Civic Operetta Association.

The performance is scheduled for one night only on August 22 at 8PM.

The show is a celebration of music, theatre, opera and dance as various local performers take the stage for an evening of elegant and powerful performances. Tribute pieces from grand shows including “Carousel,” “Showboat,” and many others make up a large portion of the show. The music from “The Phantom of The Opera” is featured as a spectacular finale.

Amazing vocal performances will be given by Dennis Geib, Tammy Dahl, Jeff Brown, Sam DePalma, Jenn Fox, Tim Gilbert, Jodi Hoover, T.C. Marshall, Hanna Pratt, Richard Roberts, and Bret Sloan. Violinist Tom Karg also lends his talent.

The evening also brings spectacular dance performances by Olivia Beals, Marc Holland, Darin Paden, Stephen Teig and Samantha Caiarelli. The host for the evening is Ted Smith.

The “Black Tie Barrow” was conceived by Mary Ann Richardson, the former Chairman of the board having held the seat for 25 years. Richardson was also the leader of the building purchase, now known exclusively as The Barrow-Civic Theatre. “I expect this show to rank as one of the greatest evenings of entertainment ever seen at the Barrow,” said Richardson.

Richardson is producing the show, with Tammy Dahl and Dennis Geib co-directing. There will be pre-show Champaign reception, and hors’ de ouvres.

Tickets are $20.00 each and can be purchased by calling the Barrow-Civic Theatre box office at 814-437-3440 from 10AM to 4:30PM Tuesday through Friday.

Tickets can also be purchased online by visiting the website at Barrowtheatre.com.

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