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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepy Hollow Cast Announcement

Youth Theatre Cast List for “Sleepy Hollow” posted.

If you name is not on the list, please know you are welcome to work on tech. So please come to the read through as a tech person.

Ichabod Crane – Joe Perrotti
Old Man Blackwell – Aaron Ritsig
Mary Elizabeth Blackwell – Megan Keelan
Myneer Van Tassel – Andrew Ritsig
Katrina Van Tassel – Alyssa Zlotnicki
Mrs. Van Houten – Jill Kellner
Marth Van Houton – Anne Marie Hutchinson
Jessica Van Houton – Chrissy Wolfgong
Brom Bones– Stephen Dennis
Andy Brimstone – Critter Fink
Bessie Wheelwright – Grace Burwell

All the following people have their part as well
as towspeople and guest of the party:

Gossip Women: Katie Gagliotti, Allison Greenlee, Leisel Kober, Alex Noyes, Abby Larimore, Geralyn McMullen, Natalia Spadafora, Katherine Thompson, Jenny Williams

Students: Lane Behe, Bridget Carter, Alex Dashner, Nick Dobson, Harrison Keenan, Madeline Keenan, Grace Kellner, Rachel Marlatt, Evelyn Sopher, William Thompson, David Zlotnicki

Party Band: Aaron Hoffman, Connor Kingdom, Jordyn Plymire, Andrea Spence, Rachel Spence

Rebecca Marlatt, Veronika Lamphere, Tim Dennis, Daniel Pratt

Read through will be held at the Little Theater on Thursday, August 27th at 6:30pm. PLEASE BRING A PARENT!!!!

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