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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Box Office News April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009 - as appearing in the Good Times, Venango Newspapers

Tickets on sale now!The setting of the play is 1935 Alabama, during the great depression. The story: small town attorney takes on a court case defending a black man wrongly accused of rape. The most affected person in this drama turns out to be his young daughter Scout, who finds herself coming of age through her father’s dynamic and gripping ordeal.

The cast includes Jamie Agnello, Ben Bodamer, Gabriela Frederick, Peg Hennessy, Nick Keeley, Izaak Lamphere, Abby Larimore, William G. Martin, Megan Wambolt, Mary Anne Wilkinson, Ed Ramage, Joseph Crosley, Kim Tarr, Nicholas Switzer and Richard Roberts doing double-duty as both Director and Actor as he takes on the lead role of Atticus Finch.

Extras include Miya Gossett, Bernice Nelson, Elias Noyes, Alix Noyes, Grace Burwell, Joy Lamphere, Barney Knorr, Rachel Stachelrodt, and Erika Vorse. Performance dates are April 24, 25, May 2nd and 3rd. Tickets can be purchased now by calling our box office at 814-437-3440.
The production team includes Lisa Harry, Jenn Fox, Ed Ramage, Deb Krepps, Andrew & Adam Ritsig, Veronica Lamphere, and Michael Hovis.


On April 29, The Barrow will offer two special performances of “To Kill A Mockingbird” schedule for 9:30AM and 12:15M. These special performances will be offered to schools at $5.00 per student—more than ½ off regular student prices! (Corrected times 4/8/09)

The Barrow is planning to showcase favorite local recipes in our special ‘theatrical cookbook’ fundraiser this year! We are requesting submissions from anyone with a distinctly scrumptious recipe! If you, or one of your favorite cooks, may be silently hiding something good, snag that recipe and give us a call! We welcome your recipe with an eager appetite! Call Deb Krepps at 814-282-1334 to make your submission!

“ACOUSTIC CAFÉ” tonight in the Barrow Little Theatre!
The Barrow-Civic Theatre's little theatre will host an acoustic cafe tonight, April 3rd. This event will feature an open mic segment as well as several local acoustic musicians.

Doors for this event will open at 7pm. The Open Mic segment will run from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Those who are interested in performing at the Open Mic should contact Kyle Walter (kdeuce87@yahoo.com or 814-671-8783) for details and to reserve a time. There will also be a sign-up sheet at the door. Time slots will be no longer than 15 mintues.

After the Open Mic three local acoustic performers will be sharing the stage:
Seth Brewster, an acoustic guitarist/vocalist from Meadville; Justin Parson, an acoustic guitarist/vocalist from Brookville, and Remora Deign, a popular local band will also be playing an 'unplugged' set. The cost for this will be: $2 dollars for open mic performers; $5 dollars general admission.

April 18 & 19! Directed by BCT board member Ted Smith. The production team also includes Mary Ann Richardson and Corky Jamison as producers! For detailed information on audition requirements, email Ted Smith at tedsmith.patio@gmail.com

A special thanks to all who helped out with the David Cassidy concert! David Weaver, Jeff Corbett, Doug and Tawnee Smith, Judy Mathews, Ed Ramage, the volunteers of the ”David Cassidy” committee, and a special thanks to all the sponsors for making the event possible. Thanks also to Toni and Sue Hannon and all the ushers, concession workers, and volunteers who helped get the building into tip-top shape! Thanks to Ronnie Beith, The Chamber of Commerce, and The AmaZing Catering Company for outstanding food! Also thanks to Bill Walters, Jenna Gregory, Jerry Sowden, The Derrick & News Herald. Special thanks to the box office volunteers, George Etzel and the Franklin School of Kung Fu & Tai Chi.

The support of the David Cassidy concert was tremendous, and those who contributed should know that they are THE reason the Barrow was able to host the concert, which sold out, putting the theatre back in the black! Special thanks to those donors: Joy Mining Machinery, The R.J. Porterfield Family, The Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, Dr. David Femovich, Rosie Petulla, Chris & Randy Shaw, Pioneer Electric, Shake Industries, The Bert Company, Timothy E. Hartle Funeral Home, Franklin Insurance, Franklin Fine Arts, Franklin Retail Association, Feldman’s Jewelers, Joe Liotta, and other friends of the theatre!

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