2010 Season of Shows at the Barrow-Civic Theatre

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update Mockingbird Cast

Recently joining the cast for To Kill A Mockingbird is Brandon Tarr as Jem. Also cast in the show are (in alphabetical order): Jamie Agnello as Mayella Ewell, Ben Bodamer as Heck Tate, Gabriela Frederick as Calpurnia, Peg Hennessy as Maudie Atkinson, Nick Keeley as Walter Cunningham, Izaak Lamphere as Charles Baker Harris (Dill), and Abby Larimore as Jean Louis Finch (Scout).

With William G. Martin as Mr. Gilmer, Richard Roberts as Atticus Finch, Megan Wambolt as Stephanie Crawford, Mary Anne Wilkinson as Mrs. Dubose, Nick Keeley as Arthur Radley (Boo), Ed Ramage as Judge Taylor, Joseph Crosley as Rev. Sykes , Kim Tarr as Bob Ewell, and Nick Switzer as Tom Robinson.

Cast as extras for the show are Miya Gossett, Bernice Nelson, Elias Noyes, Alix Noyes, Grace Burwell, Joy Lamphere, Barney Knorr, Rachel Stachelrodt, and Erika Vorse .

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